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Measuring the Intangible

Corporate training is an important tool for personal growth. However, it is difficult to provide both qualitative and quantitative measurability to the concept of growth.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to manage a tool that allows for qualitative and quantitative measurement of the learning of one’s own people. Not an economic measurement, but an actual measurement of the effectiveness of the training actions undertaken.

MySkillValue is not a tool for those who purchase off-the-shelf training to meet simple regulatory obligations, nor for those who do not believe in training as a value for their human capital. Talent profiling is not a judgment on the individual.

MySkillValue is an interactive tool for observation and self-observation that allows verifying, through behavioral changes, the actual understanding and implementation of what was explained during the course, ensuring effective measurement not only of learning but also of its practical application.

Corporate anonymized account

for managing observations collected from three different perspectives.

An opportunity

to approach intelligent digitalization in the company.

A peaceful comparison

on evaluative items in line with European standards.

Facilitation activity

in managing feedback and subsequent verification of actual training needs.

An innovative project

that helps and supports the measurement of quality in corporate training.

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